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  1. Why use a big, impersonal (and most of the time, incompetent) pharmacy when you can get fast, courteous, personalized service at Allure? Seriously, the BEST customer service. When I was on vacation and I left my prescription at home, one call to Allure and my prescription was transferred to a local pharmacy (in Hawaii) and the problem was solved. Try doing that at CVS, Wallgreens or Longs!

  2. This pharmacy puts all others to shame. They are warm and friendly. They remember my name and they call to tell me my prescription refills have been filled and is ready for me, without my having to call and reorder. I love them! Parking is good and the store is attractive and clean.

  3. This pharmacy is fantastic – great prices and customer service! I had a compounded medication filled there which usually costs $200 for only $87! They were professional, helpful and friendly too. For sure I will be coming back!!

  4. Allure Pharmacy is how all pharmacies should be. You get free parking, very competent pharmacists, fabulous customer service and a great location. You can’t help to love this place. I wouldn’t go elsewhere now!

  5. I have lived in BW since 1976 and can say this Pharmacy and the wonderful, caring people who run it are outstanding. Maybe because they handle everything or because you never wait to be helped or because the parking is literally at their back door. The other Pharmacies should take lessons. It’s not hard as the differences between this gem and them are so obvious.

  6. This pharmacy is owned and run by a family and is seriously the greatest pharmacy in the Los Angeles area. They have awesome apothecary products, the best customer service you could ask for, cute gifts and high-end beauty products that you can’t find at other pharmacies. Plus they have great candles! When I got my prescription at CVS, I had to wait in line all the time, but now that I transferred over to Allure, I never have to wait in a line, and I can call in the prescription and pick it up without waiting. They will also deliver it if I want. They even do a beautiful job gift-wrapping for you! I highly recommend them and you should transfer over your insurance billing right away – it will make your life so much easier!

  7. These guys are incredible….it’s like in the old days when businesses actually had customer service!! They are in my neighborhood, and I first came in after waiting 2 days in a row forever at the dreaded CVS down the street. The second trip, I had to just walk out or I’d be late for work. The next day, I came over to Allure, and they were great. PLUS THE PRESCRIPTIONS ARE THE SAME COST AS CVS!!!!! The difference is night and day. CVS better watch out. They are the worst of the worse, and this place is absolutely great. I’m telling everyone I know so they stay open!!

  8. There is a family-run pharmacy in the heart of Brentwood that has so much to offer. You get a warm welcome from the pharmacists, who are very knowledgeable. The pharmacy is also a gift shop with unique and useful products. We bought the cutest things for our friend’s birthday and saved a trip to another store. They also have a water bowl for dogs, and doggie treats, too. This place is friendly to both people and their dogs! The free parking is a giant plus – this is an awesome pharmacy right in our neighborhood!

  9. This place has impressive gift items and is stocked like you wouldn’t believe. It’s the perfect place to come when you have to get something for your girlfriend and have no idea what to get! They have a bunch of jewelry that’s really cute, and things like those purse-holders (I don’t know the name –you take them with you to hang your bag from a table). The ladies there know their stuff and help you find cute gifts for your girlfriend. The pharmacy is family-run, and sort of an old-fashioned place. The people are really nice – not like a big corporate-run place with staff in and out who are too busy to help you. If I lived closer I would go there all the time!

  10. This is an amazing pharmacy that’s family-run. The pharmacist named Ben was so helpful – he took the time to find a coupon on the Internet for my medication and saved me a ton of money. They are family-run and are not a big chain. People in Brentwood should support them because they give great service and also have an excellent choice of gift items. I want to let everyone know about them. I would like to see more family business with like this and less corporate-run pharmacies without customer service!!

  11. They are awesome! This family-run pharmacy not only has great service, but they actually remembered my name. You don’t have to wait to get your prescription filled, and parking in the back is free. They also have a water bowl for dogs and doggie biscuits too!

  12. This place is the best pharmacy ever. I can get everything I need instead of having to go to 1,000 different stores. At Allure Pharmacy they have so much, including beauty products, gifts, cards, and of course you can get your prescription filled. And the people there are wonderful! They’ll take time and help you find a great gift for the housewarming party that’s tonight, and also help you figure out what medication is best for your symptoms. I highly recommend them to everyone!

  13. I’ve had my prescriptions filled for years at big chain pharmacies, but no more! This is the best pharmacy I’ve ever been. In the chain pharmacies I end up waiting in long lines and I don’t think I ever even met any of the pharmacists more than once. They have these rude technicians that are supposed to be helping you, but don’t. This pharmacy is so different – it’s run by a family and everyone is so nice and gives you individual attention and respect. The pharmacists is friendly and knowledgeable, and talks to me whenever I go in. I love this pharmacy, and I wish it was around a long time ago!

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